Want to hire an editor, but prefer to do your homework first? That’s fine by me. I’m sure you want your project in capable hands. Go ahead and read through the testimonials below to see what my editing clients have to say about me. If you need more information about me, simply ask and I’ll do my best to allay any fears you may have about hiring me.


When it comes to a polished manuscript, the nitty gritty is vitally important. And usually the hardest part for a writer to tackle alone. I’m so grateful to have Jennifer on the job, keeping me on track with continuity, pesky errors and painful typos. I know when I receive my manuscript back, it will be polished to a high sheen and ready to go out into the world. I can’t be happier with her friendly, professional, honest approach to copy editing and proofing and, after working with her on over a dozen books, I have to say she’s an invaluable part of my publishing process.

— Patti Larsen, award winning YA author of The Hayle Coven Novels


Ms. Wingard gave my manuscript the final polish it needed, from fixing typos and punctuation errors, to catching continuity problems when one character’s hair mysteriously changed color. Highly recommended!

Jordan L Hawk, author of M/M paranormal romance books Hainted, Widdershins, and the SPECTR series


Jennifer was worth every penny I paid her. She pointed out repeated descriptions, sentences that made her squint or where I had used the wrong word, and many misplaced commas. She found passages where more showing and less telling improved the story–and she told me what to do. Her fact checking saved me at least one error. I was very pleased with her work and will hire her again.

Catie Rhodes, author of Forever Road


Where to start? Being a software developer, I’ve always said to never test your own code. Well that premise goes triple for writing. I knew that I’d would need an editor and a copy editor both. I hired Jennifer in her copy-editor role to fix the numerous grammar and puncuation errors I knew littered my manuscript. She not only caught every stupid mistake I made (I can call them stupid because I did them ;-)) but she also pointed out several areas that were still a little week and provided suggestions on how to tweak them and make that section stronger. She did an amazing job (did I mention just how many puncuations errors I made?) and, at my request, left some of her comments in when she sent it back for my amusement. Not only is she so very talented at what she does, she has a wonderful sense of humor and it was gratifying as an author to know that she cared about the quality of the manuscript as much as I did. She told me to hurry up with book two and I countered with “only if you agree to work on it with me”. She agreed so I call dibs! She doesn’t know this but I have more than half a dozen books clamoring to get out so she’s going to be busy!! But I promise to try to not make so many mistakes!

— Matthew Bryan, author of In Heaven’s Shadow


I consider myself a perfectionist when it comes to proper grammar, punctuation, etc.  English has always been my strong suit.  When I first used Jennifer Wingard to proof the third book in my Overworld series, Fallen Angel of Mine, she made me aware of language rules I’d never even heard of before. 

Jennifer is the Google of technical writing knowledge.  I don’t even bother searching the internet when I can’t figure out how to properly punctuate or write something.  I ask her.  If you want your book meticulously proofed, Jennifer is your woman.  She will rock your book’s socks off.

— John Corwin, author of The Overworld Chronicles series


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