I’d work with these people…

This is, by no means, an inclusive list of people who provide excellent services to writers, but it’s a list still in the works. As I find people I’d recommend to my own mother, I’ll share them with you here. If you work with anyone listed on the page and run into any major problems please let me know and I’ll take note of it. Repeat problems or major problems with someone I recommend will result in their removal from the list. I don’t want to put you in someone’s hands if they don’t care about your work. (No, I don’t consider a misunderstanding a major, life-altering problem that warrants black-balling an ethical business person, and I won’t even pretend to listen if your complaint is that you were forced to wait in the queue of people on the schedule for these workers.)


Annetta Ribken: content/developmental editor. She’s diligent, dedicated, and one of the hardest-working people I’ve ever met. Annetta also has so much passion for fiction, I’m pretty sure she’d bleed story if you gave her a papercut. ¬†You can find her all over the web, and she posts to her blog frequently. To get the info you need when you’re looking for a trustworthy editor, visit her website, AnnettaRibken.com, to check out her services, rates, testimonials, and more.



Dog-ear Book Design: Many of the books I’ve worked on sport covers from Valerie Bellamy of Dog-ear Book Design. In addition to cover design, Valerie also designs swag and promotional materials, and offers print layout design and (coming soon) ebook formatting. Visit her website to view her services and designs or to contact her.

MaeIDesign and Photography: Several of the books I’ve worked on feature cover design by Regina Wamba of MaeIDesign and Photography. In addition to cover design, Regina designs promotional materials, websites, branding schemes, and more. Visit her website to view her services and designs or to contact her.

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