DSCF6991finallqI’m Jennifer, a freelance editor and writer. I’ve been in love with words since I spoke my first word and realized people rejoice about them, even if they’re half-gurgled through baby drool. I learned to read at four years old and not a day has gone by I haven’t buried my nose in someone’s words and ignored the world for a while.

Not long after learning to read, I started scribbling out my own words. Some days all I manage is a desperate journal entry, jotted down in the wee hours of the morning. Other days I shriek with joy at the way the words tumble out of my head. I’ve written for enjoyment and I’ve written to help pay the bills.

These days, I write for fun and wrangle other people’s words to keep the lights on at home. There’s little I love more than delving into a client’s newly delivered manuscript and doing what I can to make it sparkle. My foray into editing began by happy coincidence, but I discovered quickly that I’ve found my dream job.

Although I love grammar and punctuation, I’m not your prim, proper English teacher. Admittedly, I do wear my hair up and perch my glasses on the end of my nose, but that’s because I’d rather read than fuss with my frizzy hair or bother with pushing my specs back in place. Besides, it’s difficult to be prim and proper if you’ve got a houseful of children and pets–most of them usually barfing somewhere.

But enough about me…

Are you a writer looking for someone to polish your masterpiece? I’d be happy to evaluate your manuscript. My rates are low enough most indie writers can afford the service (and I’ve been known to barter, although not for the goat cart initially offered). For more information on rates and submissions, please visit the RATES page or contact me via email.